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Assurance Home Inspections is Still Operating and Addressing COVID-19 Concerns. 

Home inspections are essential components to a real estate transaction, and even during the COVID-19 outbreak, Assurance Home Inspections has you covered. Assurance Home Inspections believes that by utilizing home inspection practices that do not conflict with CDC and/or government orders or recommendations, we can continue to provide safe and quality home inspections during the current COVID-19 crisis. 


Assurance Home Inspections can provide quality home inspections that allows the clients and real estate agents to follow guidelines and recommendations for staying at home and social distancing released by Center for Disease Control and state/local governments. During the home inspection, we will wear the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) to help ensure a safe environment. 


For Clients and Real Estate Agents

The following are recommended guidelines for the client and real estate agent regarding a home inspection:

  • Do not attend the inspection. Allow Assurance Home Inspections to inspect the home and provide a quality report. To discuss the report and to answer any questions, we can provide a phone call at after the report is provided. 

  • Stay home if you (or anyone in your home) are sick and have any of the Covid-19 symptoms. If you are at all sick, even if you just believe you have a cold, you should to stay home and not participate in any activities until you are feeling 100% better.  

  • If you do wish to attend the inspection, only one person per family, along with the real estate agent should attend. All parties should utilize:​

    • Sanitizer prior to entering the home and after leaving the home 

    • Proper personal protective equipment

    • Social distancing practices

    • Touch as few things in the home as possible and avoid touching your face or other pathogen areas.  


For Home owners/Sellers

  • Please work with your agent and the buyer’s agent to reschedule the inspection if there is anyone in your home that feels sick or has symptoms of the COVID 19 virus. 

  • Please wipe down/disinfect areas commonly touched in the home. This can include bathroom fixtures, toilets, doors and knobs, switches, countertops etc.


Assurance Home Inspections believes that we can accomplish our goals of assisting in the home buying/selling process while also providing a safe environment for those involved. We should all do our part by make a conscious and valiant effort to limit the spread of the virus and protect those around us. 

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